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Click the link below allow you to register your Rising High Schooler. This information will help us in our planning for receiving your child August 2019. Pre-Registration includes a $250 refundable fee. Please refer to the FAQs below for more detail on the high school initiave!

Frequently Asked Questions

Pre-Registration enables our High School Initiative Team to logistically plan for the high school.This includes evaluating supplies, technology, etc.

We will be partnering with North Carolina Virutal Public Schools to deliver all secular academic courses. NCVPS has experienced over 300% growth in enrollments since its inception. This past year, over 57,000 students enrolled into the courses. All 115 North Carolina school districts, over sixty charter schools, plus private and home-schooled students have enrolled with the program. Those growing numbers represent a change in culture. School leaders are recognizing the flexibility of online learning, and in North Carolina that flexibility comes with reliability and accountability in NCVPS courses. North Carolina students have earned over 268,000 credits in the courses. As the High School grows, the plan is to transition to full-time academic staff on-site.

We have leveraged local Islamic leaders, Islamic curriculum developers, and our Middle School staff to create a comprehensive program that enables our students to be effective in a comtemporary world.

Graduate practicing Muslim leaders and responsible community members who are well prepared to successfully contribute in a diverse and ever-changing contemporary world.

Establish 9th grade in Fall 2019, Establish 10th grade and relocate to permanent location & begin hiring full-time staff, establish 11th grade and 12th grade by Fall 2022. We will plan to phase out the NCVPS by Fall 2023.

We will be contacting parents no later than the end of June.