Faculty & Staff

Al-Iman School boasts a talented and diverse staff. Teachers strive daily to give all students the best educational experience to allow our students to become leaders as they move forward on their educational path. Students are instructed by 40 full time and part time staff members allowing for a low student/teacher ratio. Al-Iman teachers have an average of 10 years teaching experience, and 13 of these teachers are certified by the state of North Carolina, along with many staff members that are currently enrolled in teacher training programs. Members of the foreign language program are native speakers in the language they teach, and have led teacher training workshops at conventions, such as the ISNA education forum.

Area Staff Email
Principal Farea Khan principal@alimancrescent.org
Assistant Principal Rana Al-Sabawi vp@alimancrescent.org
Business Manager Maher Alhertani business.manager@alimanschool.org
Assistant Taani El-eman front.office@alimancrescent.org
Qur'an, Arabic and Islamic Studies Instructional Coach Mesbah Badawy mesbah.badawy@alimancrescent.org
Pre-K4 Safa`a El-Ridy safaa.elridy@alimancrescent.org
Pre-K4 TA Mohib Fiazuddin mohib.fiazuddin@alimancrescent.org
KG-A Aneesah Abdullah aneesah.abdullah@alimancrescent.org
KG TA Tanveer Jamal tanveer.jamal@alimancrescent.org
Rana Muhsen rana.muhsen@alimancrescent.org
1st Grade Denise Sakr denise.sakr@alimancrescent.org
1st Grade TA Emily Ealey Emily.ealey@alimanschool.org
1st Grade Tatiana Coloso tatiana.coloso@alimanschool.org
2nd Grade Jeannine Sherman jeannine.sherman@alimancrescent.org
2nd Grade Debra Nasser Debra.nasser@alimancrescent.org
2nd Grade TA Amina McCleary amina.mccleary@alimancrescent.org
3rd Grade Sameerah El-Jurf Sameerah.eljurf@alimancrescent.org
3rd Grade Nadah Joseph nadah.joseph@alimancrescent.org
3rd Grade TA Khadijah Touimi Khadijah.touimi@alimancrescent.org
4th Grade Sharmeen Khan sharmeen.khan@alimancrescent.org
4th Grade Shanna Darwish shanna.darwish@alimancrescent.org
4th Grade TA Mehreen Aleem mehreen.aleem@alimancrescent.org
5th Grade Nausheen Aleem nausheen.aleem@alimancrescent.org
5th Grade Mohamad Ameen Mohamad.ameen@alimancrescent.org
Middle School ELA and SS Afaf Salem afaf.salem@alimancrescent.org
Middle School Math Iyad Muhsen iyad.muhsen@alimancrescent.org
Middle School Math Taroub Aamar taroub.aamar@alimancrescent.org
Middle School Science Samira Alhertani samira.alhertani@alimanschool.org
Middle School ELA and SS Amina Zouhri amina.zouhri@alimancrescent.org
Elementary Arabic Hanan Mahmoud hanan.mahmoud@alimancrescent.org
Elementary Our'an Wafa`aAltalib wafaa.altalib@alimancrescent.org
Middle School Arabic Marwan Hassan marwan.hassan@alimancrescent.org
Quran Mayssaa Nori mayssaa.nori@alimanschool.org
Quran Fatima Amalaoui fatima.amalaoui@alimancrescent.org
Middle School Islamic Studies Musa Muhammad musa.muhammad@alimancrescent.org
Elementary Islamic Studies Zineb Baali zineb.baali@alimancrescent.org
PE Boys Jamaal Albany jamaal.albany@alimanschool.org
PE Girls April Ackles april.ackles@alimancrescent.org
Librarian Melissa Alhertani melissa.alhertani@alimancrescent.org