Al Iman School Committee (ASC)

The ASC is committed to providing strategic direction and financial stability to the school. Its mission and goals are to establish processes and policies that allow the School fulfill its vision and mission. In order to do so, the ASC works with the School Administration as a collaborative team.  For all escalations to the ASC, please follow the guidelines established in the Student/Teacher Handbook.

Chairman – Firdos Pathan (

Vice-Chair – Wadah Sayyed (

Secretary – Vasim Barodawala (

Treasurer – Mahmoud Rasheed (

Education Officers – Aisha Neal, Deb McNichol  (,

IT Officer – Isaac Thompson (

High School Officer – Imran Aukhil (

Construction & Planning Officer – Br. Seif (


2018-2019 Financial Documentation

2018-2019 Budget

YTD Rev and Exp from July to March


2018-2019 End of Year Update

Assalam Walaikum,

Alhumdulilah we have been given the opportunity by Allah to complete the 2018-2019 Academic year successfully. This has been an important and significant year for our school. We are truly grateful to Allah, the Most Compassionate for providing for the school, protecting the school, and helping the school. Without the help of Allah, nothing is possible. May Allah continue to help, protect, and provide for the school with His Mercy, His Compassion, and His Provisions. Ameen.

We are also grateful for the staff, parents, students, and the IAR community for always supporting this school. We recognize each every single effort and good intention towards the school to be of great value for us. We ask Allah to continue to allow this support to increase and to always be our foundation. Ameen.

The ASC has worked with great effort to move the school to a positive and truly Islamic direction. In doing so, we have accomplished quite a bit this year. In sha Allah, as we move forward to 19-20 academic year, we will continue to work tirelessly, selflessly, and collaboratively with the Muslim and School Community to raise the standard even higher and to achieve far more.

Here is a summary of our work. Note that some of this work continues through the summer and into 19-20 academic year. All of this work is in partnership with the School Administration, An Noor School, and the IAR.


High School Update

Alhamdulillah the Al Iman School Committee and its High School Implementation Team have made a lot of progress over the past year toward establishing the 9th grade. We established a partnership with the North Carolina Virtual Public School, began producing a framework and lesson plans for the 9th  grade Islamic curriculum, and explored interim locations for the first few years of the school. Alhamdulillah between April and May, seven students pre-registered for the 9th  grade – an indication of very strong demand despite the lack of a fully established school.

However, the Committee and Team have determined that there is more work to be done and has decided to postpone the high school by one year. Over the next year, we plan to accomplish the following so we can achieve this important goal inshallah:

As we continue forward, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done. In sha Allah, we will seek Allah’s guidance in all of our work. Our goal is to develop a strong Islamic School that clearly differentiates itself through our Deen. Academically, we will strive to raise the high standard by which we operate today.

Jazak Allah Khair