Al-Iman School is located in the heart of Raleigh, and serves members of the Triangle Community. Our campus is easily accessible from many different areas, allowing easy access to our school. We share a campus with the Islamic Association of Raleigh, one of the original Islamic centers of the area. We have a rich and diverse community of learners whose staff and student body embrace a myriad of cultural backgrounds.

Our school community is focused on empowering our youth through education, leadership and community service, while maintaining a strong Islamic identity. Students are guided to make a difference in their communities through service projects and they are empowered through various leadership opportunities. At Al-Iman School we believe it is crucial to produce citizens that have strong Islamic character along with 21st century skills to make an impact in the world around them.

Tuition & Fees

Grade 1st Children 2nd Children 3rd Children 4th Children 5th Children Option Information
KG-5 Yearly $6010 $11,420 $16,780 $19,960 $23,200 Option to pay tuition in 10 monthly installments
6th-8th Yearly $6,310 $11,970 $16,780 $19,960 23,200 Option to pay tuition in 10 monthly installments
Pre-K Half-Day (8am-11:45) Full-Day (8am-3:30) Comment
Tuition $4610 $6410 Yearly
Late Pick Up Charge $5.00/15 min. $5/15 min. Applied after 12pm/3:30pm
Education Materials & Other Fees: $400.00 (Non-Refundable)